Profitability Implementation

Savina Rizova and Jed Fogdall discuss the impact of incorporating profitability research into live equity strategies.

Recording Time Stamps

(01:29)   Incorporating profitability in portfolio design varies
  • Core strategies
  • Small cap strategies
  • Large value strategies
  • Large growth strategies
  • High relative profitability strategies

(16:13)   Considerations when adding new premiums: governance, tools, data
(22:30)   Robust data processes can help reduce unnecessary turnover
(30:12)   COVID-19 and its impact on companies’ financials
(35:36)   Profitability premium performance
(41:47)   Including profitability in your asset allocation
(45:45)   Does momentum have an effect on profitability?
(47:33)   Implementing profitability in sustainability funds


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